Casa La Santisima: Mexican and Provencal at its Best

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

To talk about Architecture in Mexico is to talk about diverse and quality proposals. Casa La Santisima has become one of our favorites for its warmth and location, since it is a house built in the middle of a vineyard, surrounded by lavenders and olive trees. This majestic house was created by Natalia Menache, a young architect who not only works in a very professional way, she also manages to conceive extremely pleasant spaces where people really feel at home. 

Casa La Santisima is located in Dolores, Hidalgo, just 24 km away from San Miguel de Allende, in a complex where relaxation and joyful moments are a priority. The project is made up of two levels, the social area is concentrated on the ground floor where the dining room, the living room, the kitchen, the family room and two bedrooms are located, as well as an outdoor terrace, grill and two sundeck areas. On the upper floor there are two more rooms, each one of them with a balcony where you can see the spectacular views of the polo field. The imposing access to the house is led by a wooden door with blacksmith details, followed by double height ceilings that make each spot of the house extremely spacious and fresh. The main axis of the architectural project is carried by the lamp and the wooden element that frames the chimney; Natalia defines the style of Casa La Santisima as eclectic, since it fuses the Provencal concept of the place with emblematic decorative elements of San Miguel de Allende. The color palette is very neutral but there is a great variety of hues and textures that enrich the spaces with great subtlety; the role that light plays in this house is essential as it highlights the main elements of each spot. 

For Architect Menache this has been one of her most satisfying projects, but also a personal challenge, since she did it while she was pregnant. For the assembly of the entire elements her baby was already born, so she had the best company to finish this beautiful dwelling.  Without a doubt, creativity and quality are present in every detail of this splendid weekend house, that surely all the families that visit it will enjoy very much.

Architect Natalia Menache

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