Casa Quimera, a Beautiful Meeting Point

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Casa Quimera is characterized by bringing together elegance, gastronomy, art and architecture. Not just any spot, it is located in one of the most beautiful old, iconic houses of Mexico City at the Colonia Roma, and has given both locals and tourists a place that enables urban activity by connecting the community inside a dreamy atmosphere. The structural beauty and interior details reflect the eclectic architecture of early Twentieth Century that was prevalent throughout Mexico, especially in Mexico City. It is a gastronomic and cultural destination that should not be missed while visiting Mexico City.

The restaurant is made up of two floors. The ground floor is where you will find the gastronomic experience full of a wide variety of food including high quality vegan and organic food. This space creates an experience that awakens the senses with its views, food and patio, in addition to music that can be enjoyed while drinking coffee or eating. The space is designed with the perfect visit in mind.

The experience wraps up on the top floor where The Gallery Quimera is located, a space with the aim of promoting art in Mexico. The curator is Mariana Caballero, an artist who opened the gallery with an exhibition of ONE eclectic collective. In this space the ideals of Casa Quimera are reinforced with sightseeing tours through the town and within the cultural center. Casa Quimera is a beautiful space within Mexico City that should not be missed.



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