Casona at Playa del Carmen

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Casona is located at the heart of Playa del Carmen and is a place that offers multiple services to assist in creating energetic spaces—it even has a weekly, tasty menu full of character and inspiration. It is one of the few spaces to find and create real interior design in the Riviera Maya, which makes this place a goldmine.

This great atelier offers various services from already-made furniture such as sofas, Acapulco chairs and all type of tables to chairs as an individual piece, textiles, lamps and cushions—all of them already manufactured and designed by Casona. You can also enjoy a great breakfast or lunch at the on-site restaurant, “The Elemento,” where they make “creative cuisine” by mixing Mexican flavors with every day ingredients.

At Casona you can also find custom-made furniture for your spaces. Choosing the material from which you can customize each space with the smallest detail is a great satisfaction for any visual and industrial designer. You can choose the type of wood, tile color and texture, and textile for any type of surface and then create connections with materials and even design the lighting equipment.

It is a great place to find refuge and above all inspiration to continue creating spaces with atmospheres in Mexico and without sacrificing the quality of materials and great work that goes hand-in-hand with delivering superior results. The services that are offered under the name of Casona are: architecture and construction, interior design, carpentry, art gallery and restaurant. It is not possible to expect more from this great creative nest in the Riviera Maya.

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