Cuixmala: The Beach Palace

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

The most fantastic and astonishing place you’ll ever be in is located one hour north of the Manzanillo Airport, right in the beautiful lands of the Pacific Ocean. Cuixmala is a land made up of beaches, lagoons, extraordinary vegetation and its precious jewel, Casa Cuixmala. When it was built, this place functioned as a private home, but today it is open for people to stay, whether in the suites, villas or casitas. The amazing architectural construction is reminiscent of a Moorish palace full of details, luxury and color, but at the same time it has adapted to fit its splendid beach location that can be viewed from large windows in the living rooms and at the pool. Because it is within an ecological reserve, Cuixmala surprises with the most beautiful and exotic flora and fauna and all the restaurants use ingredients harvested from their own organic farms, which makes the experience even more special. If you seek an intimate and quiet getaway, different areas of Cuixmala allow you to relax while the active visitors can find an array of activities whether on the water or in the jungle. 


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