Daniela Villegas’ Creative Luxury

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

People who enjoy and appreciate luxury know that this goes beyond an economic issue; it’s having, on your hands a product of the highest quality, conducted through monitored processes and strict standards, in addition to involving a third element: creativity. When a mastermind is responsible for imagining, conceptualizing, resolving and giving life to an object, the product receives a much greater value. A great example of this theory is the pieces created by Mexican designer Daniela Villegas, who is currently based in the city of Los Angeles. Daniela is a passionate observer of nature, which is demonstrated in her spectacular rings and pendants of beetles, her fish earrings or the stunning bracelets with small insects made of 18K gold. She has a great artistic sensibility that manages to reflect in her designs, which fascinate us for being highly original and colorful. Most of her pieces are unique with characteristics that makes them even more special; all of the jewels have an inspiration behind them that can come from books, trips, talks and of course, nature. Currently, Daniela Villegas is one of the most renowned jewelry designers in the world, which makes Mexico and its designers—who share her way to devise, work and transcend—very proud. Which of her incredible designs is your favorite?

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