Design Spotlight: Metropol Restaurant in Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch

Inspired by the 1927 film Metropolis of Fritz Lang, Metropol is a stunning restaurant and project from Juskani Alonso Estudio created for Millesime GNP. The goal of the project was to bring together visual art, the history of Lang’s cinematographic work and the style of Juskani Alonso Studio.

Made from 3D prints, the space represents the materiality and depth of the city through lights and shadows. Different elements of the movie can be seen throughout including the movies’ buildings on the walls. The Garden of Eden flower centerpieces pay homage to the expressionism seen in the film.

To create this, the main challenges included defining a concept that will transform the narrative into a space, shaping that space with design and furniture reminiscent of the film’s history and aesthetic and finally, articulating the collaborator’s talent to result in a fleeting experience.

Name: Metropol

Location: Mexico City

Creative Talent: Juskani Alonso Estudio

Lighting Designer & Architects: In Light We Trust

Visual Artist: Claudia Luna

Floral Studio: R.O.C.A

Illustrator: Caro Sánchez

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