Diving Into the Jungle at Casa Jaguar

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Tulum is a space for tropical elegance. It is located between the reserve of Sian Ka’an with endless mangroves and a water color that seems to come from another world. The town manages to grab hold of your inner being, giving you a sense of infinite peace. It is reached through a single street that is the main axis of Tulum: the “Zona Hotelera” which has fascinating boutiques and restaurants.

You may travel this axis by bicycle, motorcycle, car, or foot while likely finding wild animals and wonderful hotels with views of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Each hotel is worthy for a weekend stay at minimum. The restaurants, bars and boutiques are usually of foreign or local people that have united in this magical space by the magnetism of returning to what the town is all about: the salt, nature, water and to live together. All spaces have a special feeling, you can notice the great love each one of the owners has for their spot in Tulum.

Casa Jaguar is one of our favorites. Experiencing this space by creating incentives for all the senses, attention is paid to the music and sounds that exist from the moment you enter this restaurant/bar/boutique. The atmosphere is one of the most intimate between persons who are at a single table as well as the overall atmosphere. The menu is guided by the seasonal products from the natural paradise that surrounds it, generating different possibilities with the same products and taking some as a base with constant ingredients.

At Casa Jaguar Thursdays nights are for dinner & dancing. It is strongly advised to go to dinner before you try the exquisite mixtures that are created in the bar. Mezcal, vodka and rum drinks are mixed up with natural fruits and herbs of the region, a complete delight! Of course, the natural decor and architecture manage to make you feel immersed in the depths of the nature, with adequate lighting, wonderful music, food and drinks that will accompany you throughout your stay.

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