Enliven Your Space With Sustainable Wall Decor from Nativa Living

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Looking for simple way to freshen up at home or work? Wall decor can be a total game changer to a living space, and choosing a piece that’s both design- and eco-conscious is even better.

Introducing Nativa Living, an online boutique that curates handmade local products of only the highest quality and innovation from Mexican designers and artisans who only use natural materials and time-honored techniques that results in one-of-a-kind pieces that are both sustainable and uniquely beautiful.

Ensuring a respectful and fair trade work environment is key for Nativa Living’s partners, where all parties involved in the process are well paid for the exquisite work they do and are also encouraged to further develop their talents, allowing them to continue to prosper and create beautiful work that transmits the stories and traditions of the local communities.

Let’s explore Nativa Living’s spring wall decor collection:

Decorative wall accents handcrafted from natural materials can help your rooms feel more lively, spacious and warm. Get creative by placing a natural fiber hammock as a headboard to lend your space a beachy vibe.

In addition to being functional, mirrors (like this Doppio mirror) help to create a sense of spaciousness and can highlight a specific area as a statement piece. Playing with mirrors in sets of two or sequences can undoubtedly create a very special effect to make the room stand out and light up.

To give your space a warmer touch or a subtle color accent, employ a decorative cotton wall piece. Bring your walls to life with pieces of different sizes and shades to create your own canvas hat will give any space a unique personality.

When you need to create a focal element for a special space, these jewels made with artisanal techniques passed down through generations create very interesting contrasts with tone and texture. Complement them with indirect lighting to generate different effects day and night.

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