Ethra Gallery

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Within the thousands and thousands of art galleries in Mexico City, you can discover many amazing surprises that will change your life and others that don’t really resonate in your mind. Ethra Gallery is located within one of the most beautiful spaces of Mexico City, in a beautiful 400-sq.-m. house in Colonia Juarez. The light, height, architectural details and entire atmosphere generated within each exhibition the art pieces is fascinating.

Ethra Gallery was found in 2008 in this wonderful space. Since the beginning, their intention was to create a more intimate experience between people and art. The original idea began much earlier, when Andrea and Rodrigo, founders of the gallery, lived with many Mexican artists and were always involved in the support and enrichment of any plastic practice, especially emerging projects. Since then, they have always sought to disseminate and enforce Mexican art in an evolutionary and progressive way. The exhibition program includes national and international artists and helps to generate connections, strengthening the core of art in Mexico. Their objective is to empower the growth and collaboration between artists. It is not only a wonderful architectural space with a solid track record of exhibitions, it is a center of support and cultural enrichment.






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