Hacienda Bacoc

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

There are different possible sceneries for beautiful spaces that were constructed during the Architecture History of Mexico. The Colonial Haciendas suffered destruction in some cases, while others were abandoned. Today many have been transformed into amazing spaces to be premium hotels, as well as ranches or haciendas for events like weddings. Hacienda Bacoc is one of those lucky ones that has been carefully transformed into an impeccable space to enjoy special events and to be a house of rest. The architects who created this space are Reyes Rios+ Larraín of Yucatan, Mexico, the same place where the Hacienda is located. The project was completed in 2009.

The original structure of the hacienda dates back to 1880-1910 and was built with the aim of working with sisal fiber. When this activity was suspended, the hacienda was left in oblivion. It wasn’t until the remodeling process that the once spectacular site turned into a luxury home. The state of the hacienda was in total deterioration, many rooms were without a roof and almost no support. It was for this reason that it was turned into a modern space and created with the regional material of “Chukum.” Some of the buildings original stone was also used to create the open space. In this way, the whole building connects the past with the present. Hacienda Bacoc is complete with water spaces and is surrounded by the magnificent vegetation of the area. It is without doubt a lovely space in the Yucatan Peninsula.





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