Hacienda San Jose: Beauty in All its Splendor

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Located in the kilometer number 30 of the Tixkokob – Tekanto highway in Yucatan, Hacienda San Jose  places itself as one of the best luxury destination in Mexico. Its rustic and natural beauty makes jealous any other place in the world. You’ll find intense colors everywhere, from the façade painting to the exotic flowers all along the hotel. The large pool with an inside hammock will surely be your favorite place because of the peaceful sensation that you can perceive. If you have visited cenotes you know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, please be prepared to experience a place that your eyes and mind will never forget. Not only will the hacienda make your stay a unique one, the kindness and humility of the people at Tixkokob will surprise you in a good way. To make your experience as similar as the Mayan lifestyle, the palapas were transformed into luxury accommodations, some of them with a private pool and terrace. The restoration work made in here accomplished to maintain the particular personality and spirit given by its first owners. Hacienda San Jose must appear in all of your bucket lists!

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