Hacienda Santa Rosa: When Colors Turn into Pleasure

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

The Haciendas is part of The Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts, which has been turning old buildings from Yucatán and Campeche into spectacular destinations where luxury comes naturally. Hacienda Santa Rosa is part of this successful hotel group, backed by Starwood Hotels. This hacienda is beautiful like all the other ones, but there’s something that makes it special: color. The turquoise from the pool, the blue and orange from the walls and ceilings, the green from the vegetation and the fuchsia pink from the pretty bugambilias seem like they are all embodied in a canvas. The amazing property from the seventeenth century was originally owned by a noble of the region, hundreds of years later it is the perfect destination for the most relaxing and peaceful vacations you could have. Each one of the different rooms and suites has their own charm. Local woman, dressed in traditional Mayan clothing, decorate the rooms with fresh flowers, making the experience even more unique. One of the most exiting activities here is the contemplation of the moon and the stars in the sky helped with a telescope. Massages and private tours are also available. Don’t forget to visit the restaurants led by Chef Gimi Ku.


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