Havre 77

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

A new member of the family of restaurants by Chef Eduardo García has arrived to the Juarez district in Mexico City. After the unquestionable success of Maximum Bistro and Lalo!, the doors of another splendid space to delight the palate has been opened! Chef Eduardo Garcia was born in Guanajuato and has been working in places like Pujol and Le Bernardin, and has partnered and collaborated with Rokai for the creation of Cine Tonalá, Puebla 109 and De mar a mar.

Havre 77 is located on the street of the same name and same number. Being a neighbor of one of the most active districts in Mexico City, it competes with great restaurants and cafes, but the atmosphere is more of fellowship than of rivalry, with the different culinary alternatives and with a surprising, awesome quality in every single one!

Not only is the menu of French cuisine and the oyster bar wonderful in this place, the identity of the space makes the culinary experience in incredible harmony with the rest of the senses. From the wall color, the flower choice, crockery, cutlery, and the sound and light, the interiors make your evening and dinner a magical experience to live and enjoy.

The gastronomic offering is composed of a fixed menu and varying options depending on fresh products that have been acquired during that day. The interior design was carried out by Charles Delille, a friend of the couple who has carried out the three projects of their own at the Mexican Capital. The idea was to achieve a Parisian space and (oh la la…!) they succeeded with ease. Havre 77 is one of the best options that the DF has to enjoy a great meal or dinner in the company of your loved ones or to surprise your partner or simply enjoy the excellence of the work of the great Chef Eduardo García and his wife and partner Gabriela López Cruz.


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