A Historical Experience at Hotel Chaya

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Everyone knows the historic center of Mexico City is one of the most beautiful places in the world where you can see, smell and taste culture in every corner as you walk by. Important buildings, like Palacio de Bellas Artes, impressive churches, museums of all kinds, and of course the best cuisine are some of the attractions that can be found here. While there are big hotel companies to resort to, we also have an original, chic and very comfortable proposal for your stay in this metropolis: Hotel Chaya, Bed and Breakfast Boutique. This fantastic place is housed in a 20th century building that has been renovated to make room for Barrio Alameda, an innovative project which has restaurants, shops, art galleries and more. Chaya seeks to return to the roots of hospitality, fill the guest with inspiration and offer simple but delicious food. The friendly, relaxed and familiar space will make you feel at home. Two amazing rooms and nine suites with spectacular views are available for travelers who have decided to live a great adventure in Mexico. We can’t fail to mention the fantastic design of the hotel by Taller, which created a casual but fun approach to this new destination.

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