Holistic SPA Hotel at Tepoztlán

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Without a doubt, Tepoztlán is one of the most visited magical towns in Mexico. The nature of the Tepozteco Mountain vibrates with its force, with the magic that has been building for years and years from the inside out, it is amazing to just be in front of it by the atmosphere generated in the space and, above all, for the activities that have been practiced at this site for many years. Within this wonderful site is a hotel that will make you dream endlessly: Sacred Site Tepoztlan.

If what you need is a weekend with your loved one to rest and reconnect with nature, yourself and as a couple, this is the space that you are looking for. Sacred Site Tepoztlan offers different rooms decorated and built with perfect textures and materials that make guests feel at peace from the moment you open the door. The 24-hour service is of the highest quality and the beautiful rooms are offered in different sizes. One of the best surprises is the suite exfoliation service with sea salts and aromatherapy, including a cranial massage in the comfort of your suite’s tub, which can be enjoyed day or night.

Some of the massages offered at the spa of Sacred Site are the Quetzalcoatl, a delicious aromatic scrub in which guests are pampered with chocolate and cocoa butter. But the favorite is from Japan; the famous Shiatsu works on the body meridians and joints, strengthening the weak points and balancing the body by creating harmony and relaxation.

Some of the activities you can enjoy in this beautiful place are meditation, Tai Chi, clean, astrology, horseback riding, hiking on the Tepozteco, rappelling and a zip line. There are also guided tours offered around the convent of the nativity, the Pyramid of the Tepozteco, Santo Domingo Currie’s Camp, Amatlán of Quetzalcoatl, Tepepetla Santiago and San Tlacotenco.

Finally, it is impossible to not mention the restaurant at the Hotel. All ingredients used are organic and the kitchen focuses on every detail to serve up the best cuisine from all over the region. It is a mixture of delicate French cuisine and the best of traditional Mexican.




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