Boutique Hotel La Semilla in Playa del Carmen

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

There is nothing more beautiful than diversity and Playa del Carmen is rich with it. There are plenty of different options to have fun, places to stay and sleep along with a constant and variable population that inhabit it. You can find Italians who have been living 10 years in this place in the Mexican southeast or you can find nomads of the world who gather at the Mexican beaches for surfing. You can also find celebrities and designers staying in the most luxurious hotels to create shootings for the most prestigious brands or some who are just spending their free time in this wonderful place. In Playa del Carmen you can find everything, all the time. One of the options we like the most are the magical boutique hotels that are found throughout the length and breadth of this beautiful country.

Located at 38th Street, a few steps from the Caribbean and a few more toward the famous 5th Avenue is a cozy and beautiful boutique hotel called “La Semilla” which means the seed. It has simple rooms and suites with terraces for breakfas, sunbathing or reading on a hammock. Each piece of furniture, object and detail that creates the organic and natural atmosphere of the hotel has been chosen with the intention to occupy a space in it and this you can feel in every spot. The owners have made a wonderful collection of objects from the flea markets throughout the country and especially the ones in the Yucatan Peninsula. This gives identity to the hotel and to every corner which conforms its interior style. It is a silent, elegant and natural alternative to spend days in this crystal-clear space of the planet. If you intend to get closer to nature, silence and sound of the days and nights, get to know the local colorful shops, enjoy breakfasts prepared of the moment with fresh juices and ingredients and enjoy a warm stay. Hotel La Semilla is the best option in Playa del Carmen.


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