Hotel Encanto and the Magic of White

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

When you combine Acapulco, luxury and design there is only one possible result: Hotel Encanto. The architectural project by renowned, Miguel Angel Aragones with furniture and interior design by Ezequiel Farca, not only satisfies the necessities of the most demanding client, it exceeds them. The facility consists of two buildings with architecture that opens to the ocean. Farca developed a concept for the terraces, restaurant and bar that includes custom-designed sofas, chairs, benches, side and dining tables, all consistent with location, style and guest’s liking. Large and imposing white walls are characteristic of this place. The 44 rooms available are thought to provide you with any requirement that comes to mind, even some of them with their own private pool and a majestic sea view. Illumination also has a very important role in this magic hotel; light with vibrant colors will appear playfully at night while you enjoy an exotic drink at the bar, so be careful, you could get addicted to this place. The spot is located strategically adjacent to a natural preserve and has the most wonderful views you could imagine. Encanto, as its name describes it, promises to deliver unforgettable moments with its charm and relaxing environment.

(Photos: Paul Czitrom)

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