Hotel Endemico

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Hotel Endemico is the representation of a true oasis. Located at the Guadalupe Valley in Ensenada, stands another member of the family of Grupo Habita. The word endemic means own from one area, region and time. This space was designed under the important feature of the isolation of the desert and underlines the singularities of the same. The concept was the idea of the master-duo that has generated Grupo Habita, Carlos Couturier and Moises Mischa, while the design and architectural project was done by Grace Studio under the lead of Jorge Garcia, and the graphic design was the work of Fritz Torres.

Situated in northeast Mexico in the city of Ensenada, is located this hotel at the heart of the known Guadalupe Valley that gives away a magnificent spectacle of natural beauty. Ensenada is characterized by being one of the best spots in the world to create wine. The Mexican culture combined with the artisan processes result in art inside bottles. Without a doubt you will enjoy your stay much more if wine is one of the finest pleasures on your personal list.

Grace Studio worked with a team of local craftsmen to build these 20 luxury cabins that are integrated into the landscape in the best way, creating frames within each view that the unique landscape of Guadalupe Valley owns. The space is formed by the 20 luxury cabins for couples and the lobby with a terrace that offers a view and atmosphere suitable to enjoy the best wine. It also has a pool bar and adjacent restaurant hat you will never want to leave. This is the perfect space for a romantic getaway with wine, a spectacular view and the magic of the desert.

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