Hotel Majahua Jungle

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Mexico is full of wonderful destinations and is characterized for its magical adventures, level of luxury, natural and vibrant nature and plenty of historical architecture. Mexico is a country full of culture, history, color, smiling people, folklore and above all it will always fill you up with a sense of well-being.

There are different destinations for a variety of preferences, an attractive feature to so many visitors around the world. Like André Breton said, “Mexico is the most surreal country of all.”

On the coast of the Pacific Ocean you can find thousands of hotels hidden among the jungle, all of them waiting to give you the best days of your life. The sound of the sea, waves, perfect climate, delicious food and the golden color bathing your balcony every morning and evening creates the perfect setting for you. Hotel Majahua Jungle is located in Nayarit and is one of the most pleasant places in the region to stay. With a quiet atmosphere and rustic architecture you’ll be in constant dialog with the natural surroundings and easy-going design that makes the hotel a favorite. Feeling totally relaxed and in connection with nature is the main objective here. If laying in front of the sea, eating delicious Mexican food and simple architecture are what you need, this magical space will fill each one of your days with so many great details.



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