James Hd Brown in the Galería Hilario Galguera

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The Gallery Hilario Galguera was inaugurated in 2006 as a space of production, promotion and discussion of contemporary art with a focus on exposing and promoting art and projects of Mexican and international artists at all levels of their career. The gallery has been a pioneer in the vocation of representing international artists to the local public and promoting the integral development of Mexican artists careers. The gallery is located at the Colonia San Rafael of Mexico City, and since 2012 GHG has a permanent office in Berlin, Germany, a further example of the position occupied by Mexico in the artistic field.

During the next few months it will display The Pink Room, an exhibition of James Hd Brown, that has been open to the public since April 15 and will last until June 11. The exhibition has three work spaces and all are part of My Other House, a metaphysical exercise designed by the artist during his stay in Tangier in 1995. To understand the exposure is important to mention that the work of J. Hd Brown always represents a dialog between the individual with space—the space being a garden, the universe or the area between the object-individual interaction.

The route of exposure is without doubt a moving experience and it conquers the objective to feel the immensity of color, form and matter in a real dialog, and especially the perfect composition that the artists creates. Starting with the presence of the spectator with that one of the plastic work. The exhibition is full of surprises, among them The Pink Room who never ceases to breathe in motion, moving from place to place. It is a room without a door, that at the moment lives in the Colonia San Rafael. This is an exhibition that should be referred to by all art, space and color lovers.



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