Koi House, From B+R Arquitectos

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

B+R Arquitectos is a Mexican architectural firm headed by Jaime Barba as president and Gerardo Ramirez Aguila as vice president. His portfolio of work is very solid after 22 years of providing customers with great service under its company’s premises of “achieve excellence and high quality,” “customer satisfaction based on trust, integrity and respect,” “understand nature as a culture” and “make life and architecture an adventure.” One of our favorite projects from this talented working team is Koi House located in Pontoquito, Nayarit, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. For this project they had the support of Richard Holley for the decoration and furniture, and they were responsible for the architectural design. One of the elements that we love about this home is the large palapa that serves as a living room with sea view and two symmetrical terraces found on the sides. It is already a resting house due to its location on the beach, but the various bodies of water that surround it besides the sea, like the pool with infinity edge and small lakes with a fountain make it even more enjoyable. It is definitely the perfect example of not needing four walls to provide privacy. Koi House gives the perfect solution to enjoy an afternoon with the intimacy of family without having to forgo the spectacular surrounding environment.

Photos: Courtesy of B+R Arquitectos

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