Kyo Sushi-ya

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Mexico City has recently welcomed a new sushi bar located on Havre Street in the fashion district Juárez, that only serves 13 lucky clients per night. The space offers a gastronomic experience for the most sophisticated palates. It is the closest to original Japanese cuisine that has surfaced in Mexico City and everybody is just in love with it!

We are talking about the new member of the Edo Kobayashi –or better known as Rokai Kobayashi– family, the most quoted sushi bar of the city named Kyo. Kyo arises under the concept of Edomae, the old name of Tokyo that represents all the events that can be developed around the topic of fishing in the bay and the fresh products that don’t live in very deep water and therefore were easy to fish: the fresh product.

This sushi bar in Mexico City generates an intimate experience in the visitor, with incomparable service and attention. Kyo is based on using raw and extremely fresh fish, creating unique dishes depending on the catch of the day. It is an innovative process since the menu is based on traditional elaboration of Japanese cuisine but is always surprising diners with the perfection and creativity of each one of their dishes. Kyo is the new special space for Japanese cuisine lovers and the palates that keep seeking surprises.



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