The Organic Creation of the Design Office: Natural Urbano

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It is easier to understand the talent of Natural Urbano by mentioning that it will be presented in the annual edition of the Design Fair in Brooklyn, NY, named WantedDesign 2016. This atelier, together with five more talented Mexican design offices, will be presented at this fair. The history of Natural Urbano begins with Sebastian Beltrán who began his training as an artist and later continued as a designer, thus creating a dialog between the objects, time and speech required in each case and space. Natural Urbano is an office that is inspired by the shape, utility and time between art and design.

The art director is Lorena Márquez who is responsible for the graphic area since the start of the office. She manages the process and the details of each design project from the web and editorial specifications under each project. In this atelier their creation is inspired by the endless dialog that is: the ideathe experiment-the execution. This three-tier, creative, structural tower never fails to play between them and create everything that happens within this space. Under the basis of the teamwork, the constant creativity and vigorous hard work, Natural Urbano has created a language which can work on different projects making people’s life easier to enjoy.

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