LemonBe: Splashing Your Home With Color

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

LemonBe is the first Mexican home decor office that specializes in color. The office’s aim is to achieve a balanced and appropriate combination of color in each space by following the color philosophy that there are some tones that bring out certain emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, serenity, hunger, anger, awe and inspiration, among others. It is a fact that color produces psychological effects on people and with LemonBe you will find a digital platform to inspire you through its content. The idea is to produce inspiration so that you can give life to your spaces through color, smell and taste.

The goal of LemonBe is to convert your space into a total sensorial experience through color, from your home to your office. At LemonBe they believe that every home should have a unique color, smell and taste to make it personal and special. The essence of a space says something about the client like of who they are, what they like, its history, and things that are important to them. That is why the color therapy designers offer an interior design service to create each space into a source of happiness. LemonBe works with Mexican artisans and they also have their own line of fabrics. It is a unique company that focuses on the human side and sensory evaluation of each project.





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