The Best of Contemporary Art at Jumex Museum

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Much has been said about the “City of Museums in America” and it has a good reason. Along the length and width of Mexico and especially in the center of  it, at Mexico City, the production, dialog and transformation of Contemporary Art is maintained globally on top. There is space for everything, from the wonderful Museum of Anthropology, the experimental artwork from Mathias Goertiz “The Echo,” and the current new spaces to present contemporary production. The favorite by size, architectural work, location and display is Jumex Museum.

Jumex Museum is located in the area of Polanco in Mexico City and the building is located in the heart of Plaza Carso. It is the work of the famous architect David Chipperfield, who created the suitable space to play with ease, the role of the contemporary museum. He achieved all of this with the help of lighting, scale, materials, location and sunlighting in the perfect presence.

The central staircase body, dimension of the main courtyard, various terraces, and natural lighting of the higher floor create a complete, satisfactory, interesting experience that generates dialog with the public, whatever the exhibition presented is.

The  complete art collection of the Fundación JUMEX is endless, diverse and always fun and interesting. All the exhibitions are handled with thorough curation and in the most successful way. It is, in our opinion, the best museum of contemporary art of Mexico. It is impossible to not experience it if you are a lover or admirer of art, architecture and design.


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