Amazingly Fun Jewelry at Luba

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It’s no doubt that in Mexico City you can find everything from the most classic to the least expected and daring. That’s why we love this city full of color, fun, smells, people and moments that fill you with inspiration. That’s what a city owes to the people who inhabit it, inspiration to design, create and to have fun. One of our consented jewelry proposals is Luba. It is the perfect combination of elegance and a surreal style.

The latest collection demonstrates a world between fantasy and reality that leads us directly to think about Dalí and to feel that the pieces take us to a dream state, and honestly who doesn’t want to feel that every time you turn to see your hand?!

The incredible rings and earrings in eye shapes are our favorite pieces. They also have many other creations that combine stones and metals with a lot of creativity and style. They are perfect for people of any age and above all to continue supporting the Mexican design that never ceases to amaze us! Do not lose sight of this marvelous Mexican brand that enjoys having fun with talent and a lot of brightness.

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