Madera de Lobo: Getting Creativity, Talent and Admiration Together

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Madera de Lobo is a platform that was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in order to be a bridge for the creative minds to share their creations. The idea is to unite the ideology and the emotions of  creative people with the ones who understand and enjoy it. They believe that art has become an aesthetic experience of intense pleasures derived from the senses. This is why there is the union or attachment between people with some specific artworks that generate certain emotions in them. Mexico is a country that has always been rich in artists and creative work and it currently is one of the most important producers of contemporary art in the world. The creative and design industries as well as intellectual and serious artists have grown incredibly in the last decade.

Madera de Lobo is a perfect blend of inspiration made and created by Mexicans where you can find graphic proposals on paper, digital techniques, photography, and much more. Mexico is teaching the creative power that it has and it shows in all its different facets of design, architecture, graphic and industrial design. Currently this plataform collaborates with the following artists: Iván Quintero, Ricardo Luévanos, Roberto Morleghem, Gabriela Montaño, Arturo Trujillo, Maria, Cristina Villegas, among others. Enojy!






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