Mexico Lives at Fonda Mayora

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located at the heart of the famous Condesa District in Mexico City, Fonda Mayora rises as a new gastronomic destination with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Under the command of Chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, a friendly, simple and unpretentious chef who has dedicated his life to Mexican cuisine. He began with the restaurant Nicos and now he opens the doors of Fonda that has much more of what you can expect from any original or regular Mexican Fonda.

Chef Vázaquez Lugo introduces traditional Mexican flavor to the more hipster district of the city and serves up traditional flavors through homemade dishes like chialquiles, carrot soup, tomato, pork, marrow gorditas, Mexican rice, tetelas filled with beans and Santa Leaf. along with so many more options.

The decor is simple in order to focus on what is important: the taste and aroma of the dishes. The tables are wooden with  tableware in pastel colors, allowing the food to stand out. Fonda Mayora is a place to go back and try out countless combinations of the typical Mexican cuisine.

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