Naia Tulum, Objects with Personality

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

NAIA is a Mexican boutique that admires the craft design and appreciates every one of the details of the creation process, purchase and use of their fashion, art, and design products. At this beautiful boutique in the Caribbean you will be encouraged to enjoy and to acquire a whim, a gift, or a memory. It is a 100-percent Mexican boutique that values the artisan design and recognizes and appreciates every one of the details. This is why they offer the best fashion, art and design pieces. It is a space of 23 square meters which was designed by ET AL in order to display whatever products they have. Daniela Padilla Berenguer was commissioned to create this flexible space, based on the question “Why limit ourselves to one design if we can have many designs within the same space?”

This beautiful Boutique is a work of art that contains pieces full of intention and textures. This is Naia Tulum. The walls are made of chukum, which is finishing material for the walls from this region. It consists of mixing cement with resin from a tree and gives as a result a perfect material for the tropical climate. Don’t forget to go to visit this beautiful boutique hotel that is full of surprises and designs that will fill your soul.





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