Nativa Living: The Richness in Every Handcrafted Piece

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There are projects that we love and are passionate about from the first moment we meet them; this Mexican brand created by Natalia Menache and Francisco Garcés is everything a company dreams of being: it pays homage to traditional Mexican craftsmanship, it is environmentally conscious, innovative, supports fair trade and has beautiful pieces for your home. We spoke to the minds behind NATIVA LIVING so they could tell us everything about the fascinating project. 

What is NATIVA LIVING? We want to know everything about it.

NATIVA LIVING is a modern and cozy lifestyle premium home brand that provides beautiful and superior handcrafted products made with the best techniques and locally sourced natural materials, offering exclusive and limited home furnishing collections by blending an international modern style design with fine color accents, emotions and time-tested craftsmanship, while collaborating with communities of artisans thrive.NATIVA LIVING collaborates only with designers and communities of artisans that are committed to produce high quality products and are good for the environment at the same time.

How was the project created and who are the minds behind it?

The minds behind NATIVA LIVING are Natalia Menache and Francisco Garcés. 
Natalia is an architect and award-winning interior designer, owner of Natalia Menache Arquitectura Studio; her trajectory in the world of design makes her the key element for the design in NATIVA LIVING’s collections and the curator of the catalogue, that is why she is in constant search for new designers, products and handcrafted techniques. She is also in charge of designing Nativa’s exclusive collections.
Francisco on the other hand has a very solid trajectory in mass consumer markets. His expertise comes from working in companies such as Procter and Gamble, Loreal and he was Commercial Director of Nike and Italian group Colussi.  

NATIVA LIVING starts back when Francisco, who has a house in Tulum, was looking for an interior designer, that’s when he met Natalia and developed a professional but also friendship relationship. Their mutual interest in design and the appreciation on the concept of “the house as a temple” brought them together to create this amazing project.

NATIVA LIVING comes to life with the intention of telling handmade stories 
from different regions of Mexico; the idea is to tell the story behind the products, the process, and how artisans craft these functional home décor pieces in an environmentally conscious way. NATIVA LIVING wants people to know that behind each handcrafted product, there is a soul, purpose and story. Artisans produce pieces with their hands that stem from their culture, values and traditions.

Who is this project intended for?

NATIVA LIVING is intended for socially & environmentally conscious consumers who value quality, craftsmanship and authenticity, people who value the house as the New Temple and “the human” versus “the machine”. 
It is intended as well for designers and artisans interested in developing high quality products that bring to a whole new level of innovation the concept of Mexican handcrafts and décor pieces.

Which do you think are the most valuable elements of each piece sold at NATIVA LIVING?

NATIVA LIVING is positioning itself as a green brand generating a business based on circular economy.  We are very concerned about fair trade and we want people to know the story behind each product and the cultural richness behind it.
All products in the catalogue are carefully selected to be innovative, made with natural materials, clean and ecofriendly processes.

What can you tell us about the artisans and the amazing work they do?

It is amazing how much we learn from them, from their traditions, the passion they put in every piece of art they create. 
We work with artisans from all over the country to bring our costumers stories from every corner of our territory. We want everyone to know the uniqueness and richness of different techniques and the immense possibilities of creating pieces of art by using different materials as well.

Which products can we find in the store and how can we buy them?

NATIVA LIVING is an online store; we ship our products to all the country. You can find a large variety of home decor products divided in six main categories:
Bedding, Kitchen & Table, Pillows & Throws, Lighting, Furniture and Decoration. 
You can find from beautiful tea & coffee stoneware to natural fiber lamps, mirrors, pillows, etc. We have a very large variety of products to make the ordinary moments in our every-day life become memorable.

Feel welcome to take a look to our online store at:

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