Dorottea: Trendy Accessories with a Mexican Identity

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Personalized suede hats, are Dorottea’s specialty, this brand also offers a jewelry line handcrafted by Mexican artisans.

The studs, big earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings found in Dorottea are made out of the best quality, since the material used in every piece of jewelry is silver and 18 karat gold plate. The main source of inspiration in each design showcases Mexico and its flora and fauna, the various motives found in the jewelry are insects, these can also be placed in the hats. Aiming to fulfill every client’s need, the hats have different models and sizes to fit every personality, as well as a wide range of colors for every occasion. Since personalizing is always an option, every product is unique, the possibilities and combination are endless.

The story behind the brand’s name is inspiring, since it is a tribute to Ana María Dorotea, the late grandmother of the founder, Isabel Ruelas. Isa graduated as a textile designer from the Universidad Ibreoamericana in Mexico City and later continued her studies in Madrid. That’s one of the reasons why Dorottea’s plans to expand to the old continent, specifically to Spain, to promote the talent in Mexico and make an international brand. However, Dorottea’s goal is to remain true to its Mexican origin, by using local materials, promoting local consumption and creating jobs for Mexican craftswomen. Every piece is designer by Isa the old fashion way, through a sketch made with paper and pencil. 

Right now the selling channels are Instagram and whatsapp. 

For meDorottea is a dream come true, I’ve always had it clear. What I enjoy the most about this project is the chance to work with Mexican crafstmen, who are incredibly talented. I believe we make a great team and the greatest satisfaction is to see our happy clients

Isabel Ruelas, Founder

Photographs: Dorottea.

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