OMR, Three Decades of Art

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

At  Rio de Janeiro Plaza, located in the Colonia Roma district of Mexico City are settled some of the most important galleries in the stage of Contemporary Art in Mexico. We have already spoken about the Gallery Arroniz Contemporary Art and today we’ll present the incredible OMR Gallery, located at another corner of this fantastic square. The gallery was founded by Patricia Ortiz Monasterio and Jaime Riestra.

The OMR Gallery began thirty-three years ago, in 1983. During this time the gallery has shown more than 400 exhibitions and has experienced eighteen years of participation in international art fairs. As a gallery, it has developed an identity as a pioneering Mexican contemporary art space for the fostering and exhibition of new artistic voices and the long-standing cultivation of a collective culture globally and throughout Latin America.

During three decades of hard work and a detailed and careful curation, the OMR gallery has the honor and privilege to work and develop many artistic majors of the most talented emerging artists established in the contemporary scenario of Mexico City. The OMR Gallery is looking for artists who explore the threshold between art, science and culture, looking for results that blur the boundaries between disciplines in order to create a space for further reference; an inclusive radial dialogue.

As one of the contributions to the evolution of the culture, the gallery is committed to fostering opportunities to experience this higher field of knowledge on an individual and collective level. The gallery works as a principal contributor to promote contemporary art in Mexico and Latin America. What is accomplished by means of collaborating actively with the artists who are represented by the OMR, working on the planning, curation and production of new projects all the time for the gallery as well as for museums and International Fairs.

The OMR Gallery is not only key in the world of Contemporary Art in Mexico, but is internationally recognized. With its presence in the most important art fairs of the world it is able to foster more and more production and dissemination of Mexican and Latin American artists.

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