Peca Studio: Innovative Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Peca Studio is made up of a group of designers and craftsmen led by the amazing designer Caterina Moretti. The studio is located in Guadalajara, Mexico where it opened in 2007. Moretti has managed to create a brand throughout the union of her natural talent with raw materials and the experimentation of textures and shapes, always producing amazing results. Peca Studio has also collaborated with various craftsmen and artists from different areas of the country. Every collaboration has the aim of  enhancing the spirit of the brand and the workshop. Collaborations tend to produce enriching and fascinating results and has always been the case with Mexican traditions, creating innovative projects.

In addition to being an artisan atelier where different objects and furniture are created as a fixed catalog, Peca Studio Office makes special projects with different customers, combining craftsmanship and design with the different needs of each client. In this way they create and offer custom-made furniture, accessories and interior design. The projects that have been carried out cover a range from residential to commercial interior design, furniture and atmospheres.

The Studio has won many different awards and recognition prizes for its special and great performance. All of this has been achieved thanks to the teamwork of the entire workshop but also by the strong and punctual vision of Caterina Moretti, who has focused on developing a brand that takes care of even the smallest detail in the production, creation and delivery of their ideas and objects.






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