Playa Viva Brings you Back to Life

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Throughout the year, many resolutions have been made from reaching certain milestones to personal and emotional goals. Many times we succeed, other times we forget it the first few months of the year and sometimes we realize it was not as important as the immediate reality. The new year begins in one week and now, it is time to give yourself a brand new start. We like to feel that the past year did what it should and that now a new door opens with endless possibilities, new dreams and goals. And in fact, it is. We like to find places in the beautiful country of Mexico that we think facilitates the transition from the past year to the new year by dreaming up new possibilities and how to achieve each one.

One place can help. Playa Viva is located near the village of Juluchuca in the State of Guerrero. It is limited by the beautiful coast of the Pacific. The journey begins with a flight to Zihuatanejo and from that moment you can begin to feel the essence of Playa Viva. Their service includes a pick up at the airport so you are easily transferred to paradise.

Playa Viva is an ecological hotel and all the rooms are amid the abundant, tropical vegetation and each one of them gives guests a feeling of harmony and absolute peace. It has a wonderful tree house and a variety of villas for guests. All food is organic and harvested with love around the hotel. Playa Viva also offers yoga classes six days a week along with a magical spa to spoil yourself with great massages and peaceful meditation. For the more adventurous, the hotel offers an array of activities including hiking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and surfing. There are many options for an amazing retreat in the world but if you are looking forward to a year full of enthusiasm, happiness and connection, then Playa Viva is the ideal place!






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