Restaurante Apoala

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

When you visit the peninsula of Yucatan in southeast Mexico you can expect many wonders, amongst them are the paradisiacal landscapes, cenotes with crystal clear water, overflowing vegetation, tropical music, different colored facades and of course, culinary surprises.

Merida, the capital of Yucatan is infinite in all kinds of surprises for the senses; a city that you will love for its colonial atmosphere with palm trees showing their leaves in any view you have. It is perfect for a family holiday with friends or with your special someone. It is a city whose downtown is full of architectural culture and an up and coming new part of the city that grows with high constructions and a nightlife that is comparable with any large city.

The famous Paseo Montejo is a large avenue with old, big colonial houses in perfect condition, suitable for restaurants, businesses, banks and hotels, preserving the original facades and always inhabited by residents and foreigners. On Sundays this avenue is closed for cyclists, whether they have their own bike or are renting one at any of the points that are settled on the same avenue. After discovering a large part of the city in a dynamic, safe and fun way you can choose between a wide range of culinary options, from the traditional and delicious Yucatecan, to international restaurants.

One of these options is the exquisite Apaola restaurant located at the center of the City of Merida. This restaurant offers a spectacular Oaxacan menu, a great option if you want to try something different than the Yucatecan food during the visit, or if you feel curious about this amazing type of Mexican kitchen. The people who visit Apaola are inhabitants of Merida and the majority of them are foreigners. The menu is formed by the best wines, tlayudas, and striking combinations of the traditional Oaxacan cuisine with contemporary hints that are a paradise for the palate. It is a place not to be missed in the City of Merida. In the evening it has a romantic atmosphere that will lead you to have a wonderful after dinner of long hours accompanied by music, good drinks and a great atmosphere!


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