Rodrigo and Enrique Rivero Lake, A Classic from Classics

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Rodrigo and Enrique Rivero Lake are distinguished by three qualities: their enormous respect for culture in its most diverse manifestations, their love for art and their irrevocable professional commitment as antiquarians. They live searching in Mexico and the world for the most beautiful, exotic and sophisticated pieces. They know that a true antique dealer serves as a facilitator. This is: it has the obligation to find its pieces the guardians that will preserve them for future generations. At the end of day, the pieces are not ours, they are by definition atemporal, and they will simply be with us for a while until they pass to others hands and find new guardians. Based on this Rivero Lake created a core of treasures and pieces that have a unique history and identity.

It is a space that has been passed down from generation to generation with a love for art and for the objects that accompany us throughout our lives. These are accomplices of our living time, they are accomplices of the hands that created them in another time, for another use, with other materials and will continue to be considered used and as a thread of humanity for the rest of their existence. That is the beauty of the object in the history of humanity and in this space in Mexico City. This father and son know how to give them the value it deserves.





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