Satoria by Marco Carboni

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Joining almost at an immediate speed to the list of our favorite restaurants, Sartoria has arrived to stay at Colonia Roma in Mexico City. It is located on an opposite corner of one of the small and still preserved squares that one day characterized the Colonial Mexico. This space is known as Plaza Rio de Janeiro. This square is known for having hosted the famous OMR Gallery on one corner, the Casa de las Brujas on another site and being always present in the changes of the places that surround it. For some months now the beautiful construction / remodeling of this restaurant was already seen by the pedestrians of the area: provoking questions and curiosity about the new use of this fabulous space and it has been finally revealed:

Sartoria opened its doors, an Italian restaurant  at Colonia Roma with a gastronomic proposal of authentic Italian cuisine. In this wonderful space the warm atmosphere of a traditional Italian trattoria joins their vision of a contemporary, dynamic and cosmopolitan osteria. The tailoring or “sartoria” in Italian means the place where handmade creations happen. That is why their menu consists of seasonal products produced in a sustainable way by small producers. The amazing Italian chef Marco Carboni trained at the restaurants of Massimo Bottura, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, touring the world from Italy, Barcelona, ​​London, and now Mexico City.
Sartoria is its new gastronomic proposal that seeks to express the philosophy of cooking from its roots, based on raw materials and of course the seasonal and handmade food.
Here the pasta is produced in an artisanal way every day, respecting the Italian tradition and embracing the Mexican product. It is definitely a must in the City.

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