Somewhere in Veracruz: Maison Couturier

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

In the XIX Century some French immigrants arrived to Veracruz and built an estate in the middle of the tropics. Surrounded by banana plantations, citrus groves and greenery, this place has become a small agricultural pension with 9 rooms, each of them with a private terrace and details of antique furniture. In Maison Couturier, the creation of Grupo Habita, you can enjoy a traditional French meal, swim in a pool of natural water, take a nap in the shade of the old mango trees or enjoy a glass of Armagnac. The French community that established in Veracruz in 1833 stills retains its traditions producing artisan cheeses and bread in wood ovens, so it´s a fascinating experience to witness the cultural mix that has happened in this place. To make the stay even more enjoyable they offer you a massage in the bungalow or you can use the bicycles in the afternoon. If you would like to celebrate an important event with close relatives in here, they have a space for 120 people. If you like road trips you could fly to Mexico City, rent a car and in only 4 hours you will be at Maison Couturier, after a road full of foliage and beautiful scenery. Let the adventure begin!

(Photos: Undine Pröhl)

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