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Today most people are more focused on growing environmental awareness, especially in the world of design, architecture, gastronomy, art and fashion. In architecture it has become very important to use the original materials from the region in which they are found along with natural light, crossed ventilation and other aspects, all with the aim to have a lower impact on the planet. And in the same way, by choosing each one of the elements that make up the space, which means: the ultimate materials for kitchens, the complete interior design, the textiles, furniture and all the details that make up a project.

In Mexico, more and more people are committed to the environment, to create with the planet and make their business an extension of this philosophy. One of our favorites is Taracea. Having strong conviction with a thought does not mean ceasing to produce design objects of the highest quality. The history of Taracea begins with three R’s: reforestation, recovery and recycling. This project consists of different spaces in which they plant and reforest trees around Mexico and Costa Rica. The creative process begins with the beautiful and very difficult recovery work. In the midst of tropical forests and woodlands lay the remains of fallen trees, marked by lightning or eroded by rivers and lakes. This work has the intention to magnify and honor the life of each tree by transforming them into expressive piece of work.

On the other hand, recycling becomes art when it is understood that there is a certain beauty that only time can create; that is why the task of collecting antique furniture, exposed beams and old pieces of wood that have been used and no longer work with the original target is transformed into new pieces. Everything that has happened to the trees and wood pieces are reflected in the scars on their body, generating a unique identity for each one. Taracea is a wood lover works to accomplish with the objective of creating a wonderful atmosphere in any space that their pieces are located.

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