The Innovative Designs of Mexico City’s G GROUP

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch

Under the guidance of Alex Guindi Grinberg, G GROUP defines itself as an enterprise dedicated to the development of diverse real estate projects, always focused on the improvement of the social, political and economic environment where the work is done. G GROUP’s goal is to be the encounter between the two greatest pillars in Mexico City: tradition and technology. 

The team was founded under the principles of a society that is continually on the search of a common benefit, with the client and user being the main focus of every project. With more than 20 years of experience, G GROUP’s team dominates the knowledge of creation and development of every residential, commercial and industrial project. 

Their commercial project, Paseo Lomas Cuautitlan and their residential project, Rinconada Lofts Legaria are the signature projects and were both created by MC ARQUITECTURA whose project leader, Architect Martin Cota signs each development. Together they work as a clear example of modernization, innovation and design in which the development enterprise prides itself on. It is a company that excels in finding underdeveloped terrains and transforming them into luxurious, prosperous environments that contribute to the community and neighborhood. They are young entrepreneurs that have decided to join forces and that define themselves as businessmen of a new era of architecture, construction and design. 

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