Museo Tamayo Store: An Amazing Destination

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

All art and architecture lovers are familiar with two things: the first one is that Mexico City is compared to Berlin for being a capital with great production, dissemination and location of contemporary art; the second is that the museums shops are always a reason to stay one more hour.

As architectural space the shops of various museums have become destinations themselves and not just a final stop of the museum. Some notable examples are: the shop of the MUAC at the Cultural Center of the UNAM, the basement of Jumex in CDMX, the TATE in London, the George Pompidou Center’s amazing store, and of course the Museum Rufino Tamayo inside the Chapultepec Park.

The museum is the work of the Mexican architects Teodoro González de León and Abraham Zablusovsky, who worked along the lines of the artist Rufino Tamayo, creating a space with important aspects like the location, light and materials. The museum itself is part of the art collection of Rufino Tamayo.

Today the entire place has a program with some of the most important temporary exhibitions in the country that provide workshops for the entire population from children to adults. It also organizes its own biennial and of course has a store in which you can spend more time in than in the museum itself.

The store has objects, designs and jewelry from Mexican artisans and artists along with a collection of art theory books from Walter Benjamin and booklets of contemporary proposals on aesthetic thought. The store has become a meeting point since the restaurant is connected to it and at times you can see some of the artists having lunch.



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