Tuza Concept Store in Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

One of the most fascinating things about cosmopolitan cities is to walk in its streets. You’ll always find new surprises, shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, galleries, exhibitions and performances on any corner. There is always life, there are always surprises and therefore new experiences that fill our lives with memories. Mexico City is one of the best places to surprise those who inhabit it. From exhibitions and museums to theater, fashion and gastronomy.

At the area of ​​Roma-Condesa, there has been an amazing cultural activity for several years. There are many restaurants, galleries, bars and boutiques that open every week. It is a non-stop zone of new creations. The latest discovery is Concept Store Tuza at the street of Colima at the District Roma.

The store started when Suzzan Atala, a Mexican designer, started Tuza as a jewelry brand in London. After that she decided to settle in New York and now she returns to Mexico to make her brand known here and to support the national design. Tuza began as a designer jewelry brand but now has expanded to be a store where you can find different creative proposals throughout the country as well as international brands. It is definitely a must to visit when walking through the beautiful streets of Mexico City.


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