Young and Talented: the Minds Behind Kresch Moreno Interiors

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Have you ever seen a picture of a house where you literally would love to be instantly? That happens with every single project KM Interiors reveals. Karen Kresch and Isabela Moreno are not only stylish and visionaries, they have had the discipline and the abilities to run an office that in only 6 years has developed more than 60 projects with satisfied clients; this is the kind of women who makes us proud. Whether on the beach, the mountains or the city, Karen and Isabela manage to create environments where each client feels identified, all this with the support of the team they have managed to consolidate over time.

We always ask ourselves what´s behind their inspiration or their future projects, this is why we exclusively interviewed the young designers and this is what they told us.

What characterizes your interior design office?

It is characterized by designing comprehensive projects that range from conceptualization of spaces to final delivery. We have completed more than 60 projects over these 6 years with a satisfactory response from the client. The service we offer is very personalized and constant, and this results in designs with defined personality and style.

How would you define your style?

Our style is cozy and eclectic. We love to mix different styles which harmonize with each other. We also consider the location of the space and its surroundings. Weather on the beach, city or mountain, we take into account all these elements which gives us an idea about the materials and the type of furniture that should be chosen. The client’s style also guides us and makes us understand with what kind of environments they feel most comfortable and identified with. 

How is your creative process?

The most important thing to start creating the project is to know the client and the space that will be intervened. We begin a brainstorm that is conceptualized by means of a mood board with similar images and a chromatic proposal. Once this stage is advanced, we continue to select the type of materials, furniture, lighting and followed with renders or a virtual tour. When the project is 100% defined and accepted the work begins, and at the end of the construction, it concludes with a final assembly of furniture, curtains, tapestries and decorative accessories.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

The biggest challenge has been to form a good working team that commits to the client. Now we have been able to consolidate it and thanks to this we can give the best results to our clients. 

In which cities do you carry out more projects?

We have done most of our projects in Mexico City, but we have also done several in Acapulco and Valle de Bravo. We have also carried out projects abroad, in cities such as Miami and San Diego.

How is Mexico reflected in your creations?

We love to work with 100% Mexican workforce and somehow put in details with Mexican contemporary style, in addition to many of the materials we propose which are national product.

What’s next for you this year?

This year we have several upcoming projects and others that we have to conclude. We also want to focus on furniture design and even be able to make a collection that reflects the materials and shapes that distinguish us the most. We want to explore more the hotel and restaurant areas. 

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