In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Since 2002, Mexico City is the setting for the meeting of artists, collectors, specialists and galleries of Latin America. It presents the most important art fair throughout Latin America: ZONA MACO; Mexico Contemporary Art, founded by Zélika Garcia, achieving to create the most notable platform for sales, promotion and exhibition of International Contemporary Art of this part of the world.

Each year five sections are submitted with the proposals of more than one hundred galleries, publishers, guests, surprises, performances and cultural institutions that have been chosen through a selection process in charge of an international committee formed by curators and gallery owners.

Not only is the sample but the cultural activity of Mexico City during these days that is totally wonderful. Meetings, dialogs, conferences, activities, workshops and more creative energy is exploited in various museums that are activated in conjunction with the fair. It is a great time to visit Mexico City; get to know the growth of the art market in Latin America, to discover new artists, enjoy the incredible mexican food and parties, take the thousand forced selfies and support and promote the contemporary Latin culture.

The five sections are general, new proposals, MACO, modern art and design. The quantity and diversity of objects, sculptures, paintings and new techniques will be experienced around the halls of the Banamex Center and will cause sensorial indigestion and will surely inspire many of the visitors. You do not need to be an expert in art or design, or be related to the profession; it is enough to have the curiosity to understand the creative processes and the dialog that each artist expresses, participations begins with curiosity. Each cabin has a representative of the gallery or trend that, with a smile, will explain the exhibition and the meaning behind the plastic work.

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