True Salt: From the Sea of Cortez to the Kitchen

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The Sea of Cortez may be great for snorkeling and sailing, but for Brian Pierce and Kelly C. Egan, it’s a source of better-for-you table salt and the star of their brand True Salt.

True Salt is a natural and unrefined sea salt that was founded in 2018 by Pierce and Egan, both Phoenix entrepreneurs, who set out to find a salt that’s good for consumers and for the planet. And with more then 40 years combined experience in high-end food service, the duo knows a thing or two about consumers and the food industry which made forming True Salt a no-brainer.

“We spend all of our time thinking about salt — how we can make it taste better and also be better for our bodies and for the world. True Salt was founded to give chefs and home cooks an alternative to iodized salt and respond to the growing demand for cleaner ingredients that promote healthier living.”

Kelly C. Egan, Co-Founder

The natural sea salt is rich in nutrients essential for health and wellness including magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. Unlike iodized salts, True Salt is never refined or processed. It contains no chemicals, additives or anti-caking agents and best of all, it’s never bleached.

So where on earth do you find this magic condiment? Pierce and Egan found it in the Sea of Cortez, where locals had been hand-harvesting the salt for generations through a process called solar evaporation which extracts the sea salt from the water. The method is natural and sustainable and has no impact on the environment at all.

Available in four grains — kosher, course, fine and flake — True Salt can be used for anything in the kitchen. They even have a cocktail salt so you can rim your margarita guilt free.

  • Kosher: designed as a foundation ingredient in a texture that is easy to control and sprinkle
  • Course: perfect for salting proteins and veggies in prep and finishing stages, plus its large crystal crunch makes it great for roasts and spice rubs
  • Fine: ideal for brining and everyday cooking from pastas to dressings and dry salt dispensing
  • Flake: perfect for finishing both savory and sweet dishes from eggs to cookies

True Salt can be purchased in 16-oz. pouches as well as in large quantities for commercial needs.

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