Fer Juaristi, Renowned Mexican Photographer

In Bridal by Belen Molina

If you could choose anyone to photograph your wedding, who would it be? I know that I would love to work with Fer Juaristi, one of the most renowned Mexican photographers in the wedding photojournalism community.

I first came across Fer’s stunning photographs on Instagram, and I was immediately captured by his unique style and approach to wedding photography. His elegant and timeless images are true pieces of art that stand out and capture the essence of those special moments in life with a very natural and relaxed approach. His images are personal and unpretentious, but stunningly beautiful at the same time.

When you visit Fer’s website, the experience is very different from that of your typical wedding photographer, and I think it speaks volumes about the type of person that Fer is: a true romantic, a man who follows his heart, his dreams, and who is not afraid to be vulnerable in order to expand his world. On his website, Fer shares pictures of his beautiful family, and his views on weddings, life, and how wedding photography can help preserve the visual legacy of your wedding day. You can also find countless examples of his extraordinary work. As a true artist, he explains the importance of allowing space for the creative process to unfold, and the importance of working with couples who understand that the time they spend with him is a creative experiment – and who are not intimidated by this.

In addition, Fer Juaristi brings years of teaching and wedding experience to his workshops, or “Fershops”, which have been taught all over the world. He understands that, in order to grow and transform his art, it is important to build a community through which collaboration is possible.

To learn more about Fer Juaristi, visit: http://ferjuaristi.com/

Photos: Fer Juaristi 





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