Floral Artistry by Carlos Espino

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Carlos Espino is a renowned international floral artist and wedding planner who resides in Mexico. When it comes to floral design, he is one of the very best, designing some of the most luxurious and exuberant weddings in Mexico.

Espino studied Horticulture in Madrid, where he successfully pioneered the concept of floral artistry in his popular flower shop, Khala. His talent garnered the attention of the European royalty, as well as some of the most prestigious luxury global brands, Cartier and Louis Vuitton. But Espino wasn’t satisfied; his passion for growth and his creative spirit were hungry for more, so he traveled to Tokyo to be trained in the delicate discipline of Ikebana – the Japanese craft of flower arrangement. Espino’s innate ability to read people allows him to quickly get a sense of his client’s personal style in order to develop proposals that exceed their expectations. When creating new designs, he also draws inspiration from cinema, art, architecture, Mexican artists such as Frida Kahlo, and his travels.

Fun Facts:

  • His favorite flower: Peonies, which he considers to be a symbol of exquisiteness.
  • His take on bridal bouquets: Bridal bouquets should never take the spotlight away from the bride.
  • His take on the Mexican flower market: Raw materials are much cheaper compared to Spain, increasing the possibilities for innovation.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.floresdecarlosespino.com/ or email: carkhala@gmail.com.

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