Majestic Weddings at Azul Oaxaca

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

If anything characterizes the state of Oaxaca it’s joy and colorfulness, and weddings that take place there are no exception. Couples who decide to get married in this beautiful destination do because they value the Mexican culture and want to share it with their guests, which is why every detail is meant to pamper all participants of the great event.

The day begins with a religious ceremony at the Temple of Santo Domingo, which stands out for its grandeur and beauty, plus it is in the main square of Oaxaca, where the atmosphere is very peaceful and harmonious. The event continues with a “callejoneada,” where all the guests, headed by the couple, walk the city streets with music and dancing—a very fun moment. While there are several places for the reception, we love the hotel Azul Oaxaca, because it perfectly expresses what Mexico is: a mix of tradition, creativity and contemporaneity. The place can be decorated with “papel picado,” one of the most traditional elements of our culture, and colorful flowers to reflect the happiness of the moment.

Oaxaca has some of the best cuisine from around the country, so you can serve delicious items—like tlayudas, Oaxacan tamales, different varieties of mole, and of course, mezcal—that will leave your guests fascinated. For party favors, there are an endless number of simple gifts you can give as a memento of the big day, for example woven products made by Oaxacan artisans, a bag with mole so they can prepare it back home, or an alebrije, characteristic of Oaxaca. For the convenience of the bride, groom and family, Azul Oaxaca offers carefully designed rooms and suites to meet all their needs, and each of them is different and very special. No doubt, people who are fortunate enough to carry out their wedding at Azul Oaxaca will remember this day as the most fun and special of their life.

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