Mystic Weddings at PACHAMAMA

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

Somewhere in Baja California Sur there is a very special town where habitants live in total harmony and peace, its name is Todos Santos. It was named as one of the Magic Towns of Mexico, as its beauty, food, climate and people really make it a unique destination. Within Todos Santos there is a boutique hotel and yoga center that fascinates us for being authentic: PACHAMAMA. The hotel is designed to offer guests a holistic experience where they connect with their inner senses, all in a calm atmosphere surrounded by nature. People who hold their wedding at PACHAMAMA generally want a spiritual ceremony where only their most beloved ones accompany them while dancing and listening to live music. The wedding can be an event that lasts all weekend, as both the couple and guests can enjoy yoga sessions, moments of relaxation in the pool and in the hammocks, massages at the spa and the famous “temazcal.” In a place where nature is what matters, the food could not be outdone, which is why the hotel menu is based on the creations they prepare with what they produce in their own farms and with the day’s catch of local fishermen. Accommodations are also one of the most important issues when a wedding is organized, but in PACHAMAMA this is not a problem since guests can stay in one of three suites with air conditioning or choose one of the seven adobe tepees, creating a unique experience. If bohemian is your thing, you now have the perfect place for that unforgettable day… namaste.

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