5 Ways to Pack Smarter

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These easy tips will save you plenty of packing space and stress so you can focus more on your final destination.

Roll Your Clothes

Ignore all your daily instincts that want you to fold your clothes! Rolling each item of clothing (yes, even the smallest tank top) will save you tons of space. If you’re worried about wrinkles, just pack a travel-sized wrinkle release spray and you’re good to go.

Skip Common Toiletries

Many hotels stock their bathrooms with small toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash, and they’re often restocked daily. Sometimes you can even score razors, tweezers, shower caps, toothbrushes and more. And there’s almost always a hair dryer. Not sure what your hotel will have? Just call and ask. Skipping out on packing these items can save you some space. Not to mention, there’ll be no need to worry about leaking shampoo bottles.

Commit to One

Do your best to not pack your whole closet. This is most easily done by committing to one item for larger things like coats and shoes. If you’re jetting off to a winter wonderland, pack one pair of boots and one coat that can be worn with everything. Hair styling tools can also save you space. Commit to one style for the duration of the trip to avoid packing a straightener, curling iron, etc.

Wear the Bulk

If you’re really having trouble fitting it all in, plan on wearing your bulkiest items on the plane. Since planes are often frigid anyway, donning your thickest jeans and biggest coat won’t seem outlandish.

Get a Passport Case

If you have a bulky wallet, leaving it behind can save you some purse space. Find yourself a passport case that’s built like a wallet on the inside with credit card slots and zippered pockets. Fill it with your necessary items like credit cards, ID and cash and you’re good to go. There’s no need to haul your Subway rewards program card overseas. Even if you’re not traveling internationally, a passport case can still be used to save space. And without a passport in it, there’s even more space to use.

Photo: Elaine Tu on Unsplash

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